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With Much less Than 48 Hours Left In His Presidency, Trump Is Having A General White Area Meltdown

Trump is yelling at everybody within the White Area that he actually gained the election and is vowing revenge in opposition to Republicans who voted to question him.

Maggie Haberman tweeted:

Without his Twitter account, Trump can’t scream at all the nation, so he has been lowered to spouting his nonsense at any individual and everybody within the White Area. The day that Trump misplaced his Twitter account, it used to be as though a dismal cloud have been lifted, as the largest political polluter within the land used to be in any case close down, and the air of nationwide discourse used to be somewhat more secure to respire.

Trump is the entirety that he has all the time feared. He’s a loser, whose logo is destroyed, with a most probably felony prosecution looking forward to his departure from place of business.

Donald Trump will proceed to rant his baseless conspiracies till the day he dies, however the excellent news is that with out the presidential platform, we now not need to pay attention.

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