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Watch Democratic Congresswoman Shatter Marco Rubio’s Kid Tax Credit score Lies

Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA) shattered the lie being driven by way of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and different Republicans that kid tax credit are anti-work regulation.


On MSNBC’s Velshi, Ali Velshi requested Rep. Chu to answer Rubio’s declare that tax credit for youngsters are anti-work regulation.

Rep. Chu replied:

I’d like to understand what took place to the Republicans. They’re those who first initiated the kid tax credit score in 1997. It used to be a bipartisan vote in a republican-controlled congress. After which in 2017, they expanded the kid tax credit score from $1,000 according to kid to $2,000 according to kid. They supported this previously. What’s the drawback now?

Let me inform you one thing, over 97% of households receiving the kid tax credit score are operating. They in reality actively are operating. So that is an additional lend a hand that they may be able to get to make certain that  they may be able to pay for the prerequisites, particularly throughout in time of covid. It’s important for them to be ready to seem in opposition to the long run.


And let me simply say, you don’t lose any kid tax credit score in the event you paintings. There is not any disincentive to paintings. The global proof is in reality moderately transparent, the huge majority of nations that experience this unconditional kid get advantages have upper exertions power participation charges than within the U.S.

 Republicans Are Professional-Kid Poverty

The Republican Birthday party is the birthday celebration of kid poverty. Rubio and Republicans are arguing towards a tax credit score, now not a central authority program, that may raise tens of millions of kids out of poverty and lower kid poverty in part in the US.

The Biden child tax credit is historic. 

The Republican response to creating positive that tens of millions of American youngsters aren’t deficient is tragic.

The so-called circle of relatives values birthday celebration is so anti-children that they wish to stay American households deficient and susceptible to COVID to give protection to companies from paying extra taxes.


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