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Tucker Carlson’s ‘Scientific Jim Crow’ Rant May Be His Maximum Ridiculous Comparability But

Tucker Carlson — common sower of doubt on COVID-19 vaccines — on Tuesday in truth likened the requirement to be vaccinated as a way to attend occasions and input companies to segregation.

“Scientific Jim Crow has come to The united states,” the Fox News character bombastically declared. “If we nonetheless had water fountains, the unvaccinated would have separate ones.”

Carlson recalled pre-coronavirus pandemic occasions when “just about everyone agreed that segregation used to be the worst factor this nation ever did. The “exact same other folks” are “now implementing segregation,” he claimed.

“Wish to watch the NBA playoffs in individual? You had higher be vaccinated to do this. Another way, the New York Knicks will bar you from Madison Sq. Lawn,” stated Carlson. “You’ll be able to nonetheless cross see a baseball (generic term) if you wish to, however be warned you are going to be sitting for your personal roped-off phase, marinating for your disgrace with the opposite disobedient dangerous other folks.

Critics have been fast to jab Carlson over his feedback:

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