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Tucker Carlson’s Ridiculous ‘Hater’ Assault On Barack Obama Torn Aside On Twitter

Tucker Carlson on Tuesday once more confirmed he’s the king of hypocrisy when he bombastically declared that former President Barack Obama is “a hater.”

Carlson — who automatically spews divisive, anti-immigrant and white nationalist rhetoric on his extensively watched high time display on Fox News — railed towards Obama’s grievance of “sure right-wing media venues” in his Monday interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Obama lamented how such organizations “monetize and capitalize on stoking the concern and resentment of a white inhabitants this is witnessing a converting The usa and seeing demographic adjustments, and do the entirety they may be able to to offer other people a way that their way of living is threatened and that persons are seeking to profit from them.”

Carlson hit again, claiming Obama had “spent 8 years dividing the rustic alongside racial traces.”

“That man is a hater. For actual,” Carlson added, responding to Obama’s mockery of the eye that conservatives are lately giving to crucial race concept over different problems affecting the rustic.

Twitter customers briefly identified the hypocrisy of Carlson’s assault:

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