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Schumer Says The “Large Lie” About The Election Is “Spreading Like a Most cancers” Amongst Republicans

Talking at a Laws Committee assembly on an election reform invoice, Senate Majority Chief Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) criticized Republicans for backing former President Donald Trump’s “giant lie that the election was once stolen.”

“Sadly, the massive lie is spreading like a most cancers amongst Republicans. It’s enveloping and eating the Republican Birthday party, in each homes of Congress,” Schumer stated.

“Each Republican on this room is aware of Joe Biden received the election honest and sq.. Each Republican is aware of that Donald Trump perpetrated the massive lie. However the cost of admission in lately’s Republican Birthday party is silence within the face of provable lies,” he added.

“Liz Cheney spoke fact to energy, and for that, she’s being fired,” Schumer stated.

Leader amongst Schumer’s considerations: Republicans operating to limit American citizens’ talent to vote.

Don’t let us know those rules are about voter fraud,” he stated, regarding GOP claims that voter fraud is rampant in spite of proof on the contrary. “You might be much more likely in The usa to be struck through lightning than to dedicate voter fraud… Those rules are about something, and something by myself: Making it more difficult for American citizens to vote.”

Schumer additionally got here to the protection of Consultant Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), whom Republicans are ready to oust from her place because the No. 3 Area Republican for refusing to entertain Trump’s fictions.

“Liz Cheney spoke fact to energy, and for that, she’s being fired,” Schumer stated.

The favourite to switch Cheney in her position as convention chair is Elise Stefanik, who won Trump’s endorsement.

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