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Republicans Suppose They Have Discovered The Anti-Christ And It is Mike Pence

Mike Pence joined Trump’s price ticket as a trail to the presidency, however after one time period as VP, some Republicans suppose he’s the anti-Christ.

Politico reported:

Many Iowa Republicans had noticed the result of the latest Conservative Political Motion Convention straw ballot, launched simply days previous, by which Pence flatlined, drawing not more than 1 p.c toughen. Prior to that, they’d watched the video of Pence getting heckled and known as a “traitor” at a significant accumulating of conservatives in Florida ultimate month.

“I don’t consider he’d have a variety of toughen,” mentioned Raymond Harre, vice chair of the GOP in japanese Iowa’s Scott County. “There are some Trump supporters who suppose he’s the anti-Christ.”

Mike Pence Is The Anti-Christ As a result of He Wouldn’t Do The Unattainable And Overturn The Election.

Mike Pence could not have overturned the election if he wanted to. He has no energy. His position within the election certification procedure was once ceremonial, however as a result of Trump set the ones expectancies and Pence didn’t do the unattainable, his political profession is over.

Mike Pence Is Getting What He Merits

Pence was a serial liar during the Trump administration, whose lies have been essential to protecting up a number of Trump scandals. Pence helped kill American citizens by way of mendacity in regards to the process that Trump was once doing all over the pandemic.

Mike Pence constructed his profession by way of cynically interesting to evangelicals. Trump used Pence’s standing to solidify his dangle at the Republican Celebration in 2016 after which proceeded to do what he does easiest, damage the lives of the folks round him for his personal acquire.

Pence offered himself out to Donald Trump, and now he’s getting what he merits by way of seeing his political profession ruined, and that in the eyes of some Republicans, the white evangelical panderer is the anti-Christ.


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