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Rachel Maddow Mocks Republicans With A Checklist Of Their Made-Up Controversies

Rachel Maddow on Tuesday tested how Republicans have now not “discovered their ft but, to mention the least, with regards to criticizing let by myself meaningfully opposing” President Joe Biden.

As an alternative of conserving Biden’s management to account, the MSNBC anchor confirmed how conservative media and elected GOP officers have became to pushing “bizarre, made up, cocakameny stuff.”

“It’s bizarre nevertheless it’s vital that Republicans over and again and again over the past 98 days have simply ceaselessly long gone for those made-up sidebar crises and controversies, one after any other, that aren’t actual issues and unquestionably aren’t issues the Biden admin is doing,” stated Maddow.

“I imply, there are different issues to discuss if you’re in opposition proper?” requested Maddow. “In case you are the Biden White Space, that’s more than likely a excellent signal that the opposition birthday party actually doesn’t know what to mention about you and does now not know what to mention in regards to the substance of what you’re doing.”

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