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Nicolle Wallace Bluntly Tells The united states That Republicans Are Attempting To Rig Elections

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace minimize during the nonsense and mentioned that Republicans are fearful of any more or less balloting that they may be able to’t rig.


Wallace mentioned on her MSNBC display, “After we’re past the protests on the street, Eddie, and there’s a real-world instance to check our CEOs on this nation, whether or not they imagine what they believed after they despatched out all their statements declaring their willpower to equality after remaining summer time. In Texas, lawmakers have complex a invoice that may impose, quote, legal consequences for mistakes all the way through the election procedure comparable to making it a prison for an respectable to provide a voter an absentee poll utility or solicit the submission of an utility of the voter does now not request it in the beginning. Republicans are fearful of absentee balloting, of early balloting, of drive-thru balloting, of same-day registration, any more or less balloting that they may be able to’t rig.”

It in point of fact is that straightforward. Republicans can discuss voter fraud and Trump’s large lie, however what they’re looking to do is rig long run elections in order that a consequence like 2020 can’t occur once more. It’s telling that the lesson that Republicans took clear of 2020 wasn’t that they will want other applicants or insurance policies, however that they needed to forestall other people from balloting.

Republicans are looking to rig elections, and if each member of the media did what Nicolle Wallace did, the GOP disinformation marketing campaign can be stopped lifeless in its tracks.

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