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Netanyahu Is going Complete Trump And Screams About Election Fraud As He Faces Jail

Netanyahu has been ousted from energy and is now screaming about election fraud, and he’s on trial for bribery and corruption.

Haaretz reported:

Talking prior to Likud lawmakers at a birthday party faction assembly within the Knesset on Sunday, Netanyahu mentioned that “newshounds are collaborating on this propaganda gadget that enlisted in desire of the left, however you don’t need to be scared of laying into” right-wing politicians who Netanyahu mentioned are teaming up with the left.

Netanyahu went on to mention that Israelis have been “witnessing the largest election fraud within the historical past of the rustic, individually within the historical past of democracy.”

The soon-to-be-former Israeli chief’s feedback must sound very acquainted to folks in the US. Netanyahu is pulling from the Trump authoritarianism for dummies playbook.

There used to be no election fraud in Israel. Netanyahu saved the rustic paralyzed for years as he attempted to carry directly to energy regardless of now not successful a transparent majority in a couple of elections.

The one method that Netanyahu is bound to steer clear of jail is to stay as top minister. That door appears to have been slammed shut after multiple opposition parties agreed to form a coalition government.

The assaults on newshounds and the election procedure are not anything new, however Netanyahu, like Trump, is greater than prepared to ruin democracy to stick out of jail.

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