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Mitch McConnell Tells The American Folks They Do not Want A Balloting Rights Regulation

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) mentioned that it’s already unlawful to discriminate towards a voter in line with race whilst opposing the John Lewis Balloting Rights Act.


McConnell summed up his explanation why for opposing the Balloting Rights Act, “There’s no risk to the vote casting rights legislation, It’s a criminal offense to discriminate in vote casting at the foundation of race already, so I feel it’s needless.”

The chief of the Republican Senate caucus that Joe Manchin thinks will work with him on a bipartisan voting rights bill mentioned that the John Lewis Balloting Rights Act makes no sense. For the report, Manchin is a supporter of the Balloting Rights Act, however McConnell and Senate Republicans are spelling it out for Joe Manchin to peer.

Republicans are going to dam each vote casting rights invoice.

They’re the birthday celebration that doesn’t need folks to vote, and they’re going to abuse the Senate regulations to stay folks from vote casting till folks like Joe Manchin get up and alter them.

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