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Mike Pence Calls Systemic Racism A ‘Left-Wing Fantasy’ At Republican Match

Former Vice President Mike Pence pushed aside systemic racism as a “left-wing fantasy” in a speech Thursday at a New Hampshire Republican match.

Chatting with a bunch of a couple of hundred Republicans at the yearly Hillsborough County Lincoln-Reagan Dinner, Pence criticized the educating of “critical race theory” to American kids. The idea that, which is now being taught in some K-12 schools, asserts that race is a social assemble that has been ― and is still ― exploited to oppress other people of colour.

“It’s previous time for The united states to discard the left-wing fantasy of systemic racism,” he mentioned.

“The occasions we discuss of nowadays came about 100 years in the past. And but I’m the primary president in 100 years ever to return to Tulsa,” Biden mentioned in a Tuesday speech. “We do ourselves no favors via pretending none of this ever took place or it doesn’t have an effect on us nowadays, as it does nonetheless have an effect on us nowadays.”

In his Thursday speech, Pence ― regarded as a possible candidate within the 2024 presidential race ― additionally many times praised former President Donald Trump and lauded the achievements in their management.

He did, then again, recognize that he did not “see eye to eye” with his ex-box concerning the Jan. 6 rebel on the U.S. Capitol, although he stopped in need of blaming Trump for the rebellion.

“Jan. 6 used to be a gloomy day within the historical past of the USA Capitol,” Pence mentioned. “You recognize, President Trump and I’ve spoken time and again since we left workplace, and I don’t know if we’ll ever see eye to eye about that day. However I can all the time be happy with what we achieved for the American other people during the last 4 years.”

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