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Matt Gaetz To Run For President In 2024 In Bid To Steer clear of Jail

Matt Gaetz says he’ll run for president in 2024, if Donald Trump doesn’t, in a transparent bid to keep away from jail.

Gaetz texted The New York Post, “I toughen Donald Trump for president. I’ve without delay inspired him to run and he offers me each and every indication he’ll. If Trump doesn’t run, I’m certain I may defeat no matter stays of Joe Biden by means of 2024.”

Trump can be a convicted felon by means of 2024 and Matt Gaetz might be sitting in federal jail for kid intercourse trafficking by means of the similar date.

Rep. Gaetz is clearly in search of presidential immunity to stay himself out of the large space.

The concept Gaetz thinks that he might be president at some point illustrates the peak of corruption myth that has taken over the Republican Birthday celebration.

Matt Gaetz received’t president in 2024, 2028, or some other time in our lifetimes, however he seems to have long gone to the Trump playbook by means of hoping to get elected to the presidency to keep away from felony prosecution.

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