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Louie Gohmert Says The Left Attempted To Overthrow The Executive On January 6

Talking on the QAnon convention, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) repeated the lie that the left participated within the 1/6 assault.

The Washington Post reported:

With the slogan for QAnon — an extremist ideology that the FBI has deemed a home terrorism danger — shining onstage in the back of him, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.) spoke to a crowd accrued for the “For God & Nation Patriot Roundup” on Saturday, the place he downplayed the seriousness of the January riot on the U.S. Capitol and criticized Democrats pushing an unbiased assessment of the fatal match.

He prompt that “it wasn’t simply right-wing extremists” rioting within the Capitol, although federal officers have constantly debunked claims that leftist activists performed a job within the assault. He additionally prompt that the riot shouldn’t be a major fear as a result of the USA has weathered worse, together with overseas assaults.

The adaptation between 1/6, 9/11, and Pearl Harbor is that 9/11 and Pearl Harbor had been respective acts of terrorism and conflict on the USA of The usa. The 1/6 assault used to be a terrorist assault on democracy that tried to overturn an election. Lumping the 3 assaults in combination and claiming that 1/6 wasn’t as unhealthy is disingenuous.

The 3 assaults had been other. Each and every has distinctive motivations, however only one/6 featured American citizens who had been impressed by means of a defeated president to assault their very own elected officers to take a look at to overthrow the federal government.

The left used to be now not excited by 1/6. The attack on the Capitol was a Donald Trump production.

QAnon is popping the Republican Birthday celebration is into one thing this is morphing nearer to a political terror mobile, and if the GOP returns to energy, the home terrorists of January sixth could have gained.

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