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Kevin McCarthy Blasted For Claiming Republicans Are The Birthday party Of Lincoln Now not Trump Racism

Space Minority Chief Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is being blasted for claiming the GOP isn’t the birthday celebration of nativist canine whistles.

“The usa is constructed on the concept that we’re all created equivalent, and luck is earned via truthful, exhausting paintings. It isn’t constructed on id, race, or faith,” McCarthy tweeted. “The Republican Birthday party is the birthday celebration of Lincoln & the birthday celebration of extra alternative for all American citizens—no longer nativist canine whistles.”

Conservative Invoice Kristol tweeted, “Kevin McCarthy feigns disdain for ‘nativist canine whistles’ from marginal individuals of Congress. But if Trump advised different individuals in 2019 to return the place they got here from—shouting nativism from the rooftops—silence. After which McCarthy luckily supported Trump for president in 2020.”

Kristol was once proper. McCarthy is hoping to trip the racism and canine whistles to the Space majority in 2022. His little tweet about alternative and the birthday celebration of Lincoln was once best issued to as a result of Taylor Greene and Gosar stated the quiet phase out loud.

The Republican Birthday party can’t be led by way of Trump, whose racism was once so informal that it was once a nearly day by day match and nonetheless declare possession of Lincoln’s legacy. The birthday celebration of Lincoln now not exists. The Republican Birthday party is the birthday celebration of Trump, and Trumpism equals racism.

Reps. Greene and Gosar have been too blatant in the appeal to white supremacists and racists. Understand that McCarthy has spent more time trying to remove Rep. Eric Swalwell from the Intelligence Committee than he has at the danger that Marjorie Taylor Greene poses to the House and the country.

Kevin McCarthy is a cynical and craven political climber who thinks that you’re too dumb to peer via the most obvious racism of the Republican Birthday party.

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