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Juan Williams: ‘Extremism Amongst Republicans Is Paralyzing Congress’

Juan Williams, Fox News’ left-leaning political analyst who departed “The 5” communicate panel ultimate week, took every other defiant step clear of his community’s right-wing perspective.

In a Memorial Day essay for The Hill titled “GOP Extremism Is Poisoning The Country,” Williams blamed Republicans for fueling the country’s divisiveness and halting growth in Congress.

Whilst fresh hate assaults and mass shootings replicate the rustic’s deep divisions, the numerous Republicans nonetheless believing Donald Trump’s “giant lie” that the election was once stolen exacerbate the strain, in keeping with Williams.

“How can such a lot of Republicans nonetheless imagine the ‘Large Lie,’ nearly 5 months after President Biden was once inaugurated following Congress certifying Biden’s nationwide victory via 74 electoral school votes and greater than seven million common votes?” he wrote. “And why do 57 p.c of Republicans call to mind Democrats, their fellow American citizens, as their ‘enemies,’ in keeping with a February CBS/YouGov ballot?”

“This extremism amongst Republicans is paralyzing Congress,” Williams concluded. “It will probably’t to find the votes to higher keep watch over weapons. It will probably’t repair a damaged immigration machine.”

Williams ripped the GOP-compromised Congress for no longer achieving a deal to mend the country’s infrastructure or to give protection to the fitting to vote.

“Ultimate week, Congress hit a brand new low,” he wrote. “It blocked a fee to analyze the tried overthrow of the U.S. govt. Now this is disorder.”

In an obvious self-own for his community, Williams added that the “ongoing energy of the ‘Large Lie’ is fed day-to-day with conspiracy communicate and incorrect information via social media, communicate radio and cable opinion displays.”

Williams, who stays on the channel as a political analyst, often clashed with Greg Gutfeld and different co-hosts on “The 5.”

Previous in Would possibly, he wrote every other essay caution Republicans that their loyalty to Trump would lead to extra political defeats down the street.

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