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Jesse Jackson Warns Electorate About Republican Intentions

“Simply say no. That turns out to sum up the placement of Republicans within the Congress this present day,” civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson started his column calling out elected GOP officers within the Chicago Sun-Times on Monday.

“The scope of what they received’t do is breathtaking,” mentioned Jackson, who famous how the vast majority of Republicans have been adversarial to just about each Democratic proposal — although there used to be overwhelming enhance at the factor, such because the call for for good gun keep watch over regulations.

Jackson later warned folks to not fall for GOP makes an attempt to rewrite historical past.

“In fact, once they run for re-election, Republicans will take credit score for Biden’s American Rescue Plan that used to be handed with out one Republican vote,” he mentioned.

“No person will have to be fooled,” Jackson concluded. “At a time when The united states faces cascading crises, Republicans simply say no. If we would like even to start to cope with the concerns we’ve, citizens should say no to those that are status in the best way.”

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