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Jake Tapper Says GOP Senators Gun Keep watch over Argument is “So Silly I Do not Know What to Say”

On Monday, there was once any other mass capturing in The united states. As same old, the weapon of selection for the shooter was once an AR-15.

And as same old, Democrats have replied to the mass capturing through calling for not unusual sense gun regulate measure. Republicans, as they’re wont to do, have furiously reacted to the concept weapons are unhealthy.

This was once the take nowadays of Louisiana’s John Kennedy. Kennedy, who has a legislation level from Oxford incessantly tries to idiot citizens with a folksy drawl. Those antics had been on show all the way through a Tuesday senate listening to.

We’ve numerous under the influence of alcohol drivers in The united states which might be killing numerous other people,” said Kennedy. “We ought to take a look at to struggle that too. However I believe what many other people on my facet of the aisle are announcing is that the solution isn’t to eliminate all sober drivers. The solution is to be aware of the issue.”

After taking part in a clip of the feedback, CNN’s Jake Tapper remarked, “I don’t even know what to mention to that, it’s so silly.”

The CNN host continued, “While you listen that argument that Senator Kennedy is making, what it’s is a slippery slope argument. The bottom is telling them any type of build up in gun regulate measures goes to be a step towards removing, you understand, gun possession on this nation altogether, and when that’s the place of 1 facet of this argument, I believe it’s very laborious to return to the center right here.”


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