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GOP Sen. Tommy Tuberville Complains About Having To Do His Process

Republican Senators, like Tommy Tuberville (R-AL), are getting cranky as a result of they’re being compelled to do their jobs as an alternative of being on Memorial Day recess.

Tuberville mentioned:

Republicans are seeking to lengthen the 1/6 Fee vote for so long as they are able to. The vote shall be a black eye and embarrassment when Senate Republicans vote in opposition to the introduction of an impartial fee to research the January sixth assault. There’s a risk that the vote doesn’t occur till overdue on Friday evening all through a vacation weekend when fewer American citizens would see the newest GOP cover-up for Donald Trump.

This may come as a surprise to Tubeville, however hundreds of thousands upon hundreds of thousands of American citizens shall be running on Memorial Day. Now not everybody has the break day, so for him to be whining about having to do his task 3 days prior to a vacation that hundreds of thousands shall be running displays how out of contact the Republican Birthday celebration is.

There is a simple repair to Tuberville’s downside. He may have at all times that he desires to fish and golfing just by resigning from the Senate.

Tuberville selected to run for Senate, and he can select to do the country a desire and renounce.

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