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For The First Time In Historical past MSNBC Is The number one Community On All Of Cable

For the primary time within the historical past of the cable information scores, MSNBC was once the highest community general, because the community tops CNN and Fox Information.

MSNBC announced their win:

MSNBC averaged 1.4M overall audience throughout overall day (M-Su 6am-6am) (vs. CNN’s 1.2M and FOX Information’ 1.3M), propelling the community to the number 1 spot in cable for the first time ever (forward of #2 FOX Information, #3 CNN and #4 HGTV). Amongst overall audience, MSNBC larger viewership through +36% throughout overall day whilst FOX Information shed audience through double digits (-32%) in comparison to Feb. 2020. A25-54 viewership was once up +29% for MSNBC throughout overall day vs. Feb. 20 whilst FOX Information misplaced -38% of audience.

“The Rachel Maddow Display” at 9pm completed February because the highest-rated ceaselessly scheduled program throughout all of cable tv for the second immediately month. “Maddow” averaged 3.7M overall audience (vs. FOX Information’ 3M and CNN’s 2.2M) — a double digit acquire in overall audience (+32%) over Feb. 2020. FOX Information’ “Hannity” misplaced -31% of overall audience in comparison to Feb. 2020. “Maddow” additionally ruled the demo completing #1 in A25-54 with 593K audience (vs. CNN’s 510K and FOX Information’ 440K). In A25-54, “Maddow” larger viewership through +36% in comparison to Feb. 2020 whilst FOX Information shed -39% of audience.

Sean Hannity’s viewership is down through 31% and the viewership for Fox and Pals has plunged through 40%.

The fitting-wing has been diminished below Trump to a small fringe, and the ones shops like Fox who proceed to cater to the perimeter will proceed to observe their viewership dwindle.

There have been some who predicted tough days forward for MSNBC with out the madness and corruption of Donald Trump to hide, however as an alternative, the reshaping of American politics that has took place below Joe Biden has additionally reworked the cable information panorama.

MSNBC has constructed a deep and proficient roster of displays whilst Fox Information hasn’t ever recovered from firing Invoice O’Reilly and the departure of Megyn Kelly.

The mainstream media continues to cater to Republicans, however the center-left MSNBC is dominating cable.

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