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David Perdue Drops 2022 Senate Bid And Vows To Assist Republicans In Georgia Rig Elections

Former Sen. David Perdue has dropped his plan to run towards Sen. Raphael Warnock in 2022 and as an alternative commits himself to rigging long term Georgia elections for Republicans.

Perdue flirted with some other run, however give up:

Perdue’s declare that Georgia isn’t a blue state is right, however it is usually no longer a purple state anymore. It’s pink. His observation that the extra Georgians vote, the simpler Republicans do is absurdly false. Georgia had a report turnout in 2020, and Democrats gained the presidential election and two Senate seats.

What Perdue in point of fact method is that Republicans can only win when Democrats aren’t allowed to vote. There stays a ton of fable and denial some of the Trump faction of the Georgia Republican Celebration. With out Perdue as a candidate, Sen. Warnock would possibly finally end up working towards Marjorie Taylor Greene, which might be a dream come true for Democrats.

Perdue was once a McConnell selected candidate, and with out him within the race, the percentages are expanding that Trumper zealot is the Georgia 2022 Senate nominee.

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