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Counos Platform Proposes The usage of Blockchain in Belarusian Presidential Election

Alexander Lukashenko has been the middle of controversy ever since the most recent presidential election in Belarus. This election, which came about on August 9, 2020, led to but some other victory for the incumbent president. This complete election got here beneath accusations of fraud, which brought about the biggest protests within the historical past of the rustic. However, this isn’t the one election that has been tainted with the allegations of fraud. Right through the previous years, such a lot of elections have come beneath hearth from folks and the candidate themselves for no longer being honest, clear, and altogether dependable.

Vote casting Problems In Belarus 2020


Within the above-mentioned election, Lukashenko claimed to have gained 80 % of the votes, whilst, his opponent Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya claimed that she had the vast majority of the votes. Opposition applicants proposed the usage of another means of counting the votes and typically another vote casting machine as a result of they consider the present machine is unsuitable and leaves the door open for fraudulent actions. Right through fresh years, many of us from all over the place the arena were changing into much less and not more assured in standard vote casting methods. There was no scarcity of protests to the result of other elections. As such, such a lot of tips were made to be able to make adjustments to the normal and current vote casting mechanisms.

How Does Blockchain Generation Paintings in Vote casting?

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As with different sides of lifestyles, certainly, generation can assist in making elections higher as neatly. One such generation can just do that. Blockchain generation can be utilized for vote casting in some way that hasn’t ever been noticed ahead of. The mechanism of this generation is fairly remarkable and the best way knowledge is recorded in this community is one thing that most likely is certainly one of mankind’s maximum sublime innovations. Blockchain networks are decentralized networks over which nobody has authority. As soon as knowledge is recorded on this community, it can’t be got rid of, modified, or tampered with. As such, this generation can be utilized in elections to assist in making a vote casting mechanism this is one hundred pc dependable. Many nations were making an allowance for the speculation of the use of Blockchain generation in numerous elections of their nation. Alternatively, we now have but to look a large-scale election, similar to a presidential election, the use of this generation. Till now. The founder and CEO of the Swiss-based Blockchain corporate, Counos Platform, Pooyan Ghamari, has instructed a solution to incorporate the Blockchain generation within the presidential election in Belarus. To take action, Counos X (CCXX) will probably be used, which is a cryptocurrency introduced via the Counos Platform.

How Does Paintings Counos X?

Counos X
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The proposed manner is in accordance with matching one Counos X transaction with every vote solid via the citizens. Subsequently, equivalent to the selection of folks eligible for vote casting, Counos X cash will probably be generated. Then, every voter can ship his or her coin to the pockets of his desired candidate. The entire transactions are absolutely recorded within the block explorer. Subsequently, not anything can also be added and not anything can also be got rid of from the information. On the finish of the election, the candidate with essentially the most selection of Counos X cash in his or her pockets can also be introduced because the winner. All of the means of vote casting is registered within the Blockchain community of Counos X. A Blockchain community this is absolutely tamper-proof and one hundred pc is dependable. No knowledge can also be added or got rid of from this community. And most significantly, nobody is accountable for this community.

To be able to make certain that everybody can take part within the vote casting procedure, particular vote casting facilities can also be ready supplied with digital wallets. Folks can come to those vote casting facilities and solid their votes simply, with out the desire for complete wisdom and experience in regards to the basics of the Blockchain generation and cryptocurrencies. This manner, each and every unmarried citizen who’s eligible for vote casting can take part on this Blockchain-based vote casting machine, regardless of their stage of familiarity with the sector of Blockchain.

Counos Platform is absolutely ready and prepared to generate the specified Counos X cash for the entire eligible citizens within the nation of Belarus and give you the essential methods and infrastructures at no cost as a present to the rustic and folks of Belarus. The usage of this straightforward and stylish manner, there generally is a presidential election in Belarus that everybody can depend on.

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