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Congresswoman Tells The Country That Trump Dedicated Treason

Rep. Stacey Plaskett (D-Virgin Islands) accused Former President Trump of treason and seeking to overthrow the federal government.


Rep. Plaskett stated on MSNBC’s Velshi, “As chances are you’ll recall, one of the most issues that the impeachment managers did speak about used to be this ideological battle that we felt used to be now not going to finish. That used to be one of the most causes that we requested all of the ones 100 senators to vote to convict Donald Trump. That rebellion used to be, if truth be told, treason. It used to be, if truth be told, an try to overthrow our executive. As a result of I consider lots of the ones senators persisted to perpetrate that lie, the battle continues to move on. The civil battle this is an ideological one between a democracy and an autocracy.”

The explanation why Republicans don’t need a 1/6 Fee or any investigation at the entire assault at the Capitol is that it at all times comes again to the similar position that Rep. Plaskett raised.

The Republican Celebration has develop into an anti-democratic birthday party of treason.

Trump is leaping again directly to the political degree by way of talking on the North Carolina Republican conference, and shortly he’s going to be launching his oldies excursion disguised as rallies in no less than 4 states.

Republicans need Trump’s electorate with out Trump since the former president brings with him the bags of seeking to overthrow the federal government.

A vote for any Republican Trump loyalist is treason. Blocking off an investigation of the 1/6 assault is treason.

In brief, Trump is treason.

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