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As Mass Shooter Opens Fireplace In Texas, Greg Abbott Rants About The 2nd Modification

Gov. Greg Abbott ranted concerning the 2nd Modification and Joe Biden simply sooner than a mass capturing in Bryan, Texas.

As a mass shooter was once on the point of shoot six folks at a Texas industry park, Gov. Greg Abbott was once tweeting:

Greg Abbott received’t permit regulations to lend a hand take on the epidemic of mass shootings, however he will allow six people to shot, with one person killed, in Bryan, Texas.

Each smart gun legislation isn’t an assault on 2nd Modification rights, however Gov. Abbott by chance made the purpose that President Biden was once making right through the announcement of his govt orders. The violence is unnecessary and pointless, and it time for the country to behave.

Ideas and prayers from Republicans imply not anything if extra individuals are going to be allowed to needlessly die on a daily basis from gun violence. As Greg Abbott was once ranting NRA speaking issues on Twitter six folks had been shot in his state.

A Texan was once demise from gun violence whilst Greg Abbott was once tweeting.

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