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Ana de Armas is Bond woman surprising in new perfume ad

March 05, 2021 – 18:18 GMT Matthew Moore Ana de Armas absolutely resembled a glammed-up Bond woman as she starred in a brand new perfume ad

Ana de Armas is ready to be a Bond woman within the upcoming No Time to Die, and in a brand new perfume ad she absolutely resembled the section with a bunch of breath-taking outfits.

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In an ad for Estée Lauder’s Gorgeous Magnolia, the actress regarded surprising as she showcased all kinds of outfits.

Ana additionally regarded extremely glamorous as she modelled a good looking crimson flowing get dressed, whilst status among a blossoming magnolia tree.

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WATCH: Ana de Armas resembles a Bond woman in Estée Lauder advert

The Knives Out celebrity regarded best possible in a LBD at the start of the advert as she were given all loved-up with a good-looking type.

As she dove into his hands, the scene shifted from daylight to nighttime. Ana’s get dressed additionally was a sumptuous crimson get dressed, because the pair fell right into a pool.

The couple hung out within the pool, earlier than the scene modified once more and Ana was once status in a lavish bejewelled night get dressed.

Any other scene exchange noticed Ana taking a look very best in a black nightie, earlier than the advert completed together with her working alongside the seaside in a surprising silver get dressed.

The actress regarded surprising in a good looking crimson get dressed

Lovers have been in love with Ana’s seems to be within the ad, with many filling the feedback phase with coronary heart and heart-eyed face emojis, some even posted a magnolia emoji.

Praising the actress, one fan wrote: “GORGEOUS!” whilst some other mentioned she resembled a “princess.”

“Simply so gorgeous! So proud!!” mentioned a unique fan, and one even mentioned that it was once “inconceivable” to not fall in love together with her.

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The Blade Runner 2049 celebrity was once in a dating with Batman celebrity Ben Affleck once they met at the set of Deep Water in 2019.

However in January, it was once showed that the pair had long gone their separate techniques, with Ben later breaking his social media silence in a publish along Matt Damon.


The actress was once in a dating with Ben Affleck

Opining why the couple hadn’t worked out, Ben’s brother, Casey Affleck, advised Leisure This night: “The truth is, I feel this yr has been actually arduous on other folks in relationships.

“I would not know as a result of I have been unmarried, however I wager there are numerous individuals who have, , it is been difficult to relationships.”

Giving reward to Ana, he added: “I feel that Ana is simply the sweetest, funniest, smartest, maximum captivating individual. I feel she may not have any issues assembly somebody else.

“I feel she’s a catch in each method. And I will be there to hold Ben via it, however I do not believe he’s going to have any issues [either]. My recommendation to them can be like, ‘Sure, suppose hard and long about it’, as a result of quarantine isn’t amusing in case you are unmarried.”

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