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A Determined Matt Gaetz Is Begging And Attempting To Steer clear of Jail

Rep. Matt Gaetz is actually begging on Twitter as he’s pushing his bogus extortion tale in an try to keep away from jail.

Gaetz tweeted:

The extortion claim has no bearing on the child sex trafficking investigation into Gaetz. They’re two separate problems. Gaetz isn’t going to be exonerated through the discharge of any tapes. It’s conceivable that Gaetz was once fascinated about kid intercourse trafficking and that he was once additionally extorted. Those two crimes don’t seem to be mutually unique.

Rep. Gaetz is making an attempt to faucet into the deep state conspiracy through inferring that the extortion plot is part of the kid intercourse trafficking investigation. It’s not.

Gaetz’s desperation is appearing. His Fox News interview with Tucker Carlson was a total disaster. Nobody is purchasing the extortion plot tale, as it doesn’t make sense.

With out Donald Trump within the White Area, there is not any one who’s going to avoid wasting Matt Gaetz from attainable indictment and prosecution. If Gaetz broke the regulation, the Division of Justice goes to prosecute him, and he may finally end up in jail for a long time.

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